Triple Pkg = Wearable + Smart DOTs

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Product information

3 DOT Set = Body/Bio Adhesive DOT + Smart DOTs - Starter Package

For those who carry their phone 24/7: Place all 3 on phone. Often with teens and some adults, it may be difficult to select one of the wearables** that fit their lifestyle. Placing all 3 on the phone may be an option.

For those who have a piece of jewelry or an item they carry with them, the red Body/Bio DOT can adhere to it and the Gold and Silver/Gray Smart DOTs placed on an electronic device.

*Starter Packages include a Smart DOT Set for 1 electronic device.

**Wearables are available in a variety of options to fit your specific lifestyle.  The wristbands are as popular as the TAG, CLIP, and sticky DOT [adhere to something you already have to keep with you 24/7]. The wrist BANDs, TAGs, and CLIPs all have the Body/Bio DOT already embedded and are ready to use right out of the box.

See Bundled Packages for additional savings to cover more people and devices!

Save $10 on each additional set in multiple packages of 2 and 3 sets!