Science Behind the EnergyDOTand BioDot Products


Science Behind the Smart DOT Product Line


Why Smart DOT Products Are Different:

They Create Measurable Changes Within the Body that Can Improve the User's Health

Separated, Free Flowing Red Blood Cells = More Oxygen


Body's Energy Biofield = More Coherent and Solid


Re-balancing the Body's Energy Can Improve Your Health

What promoted us to try this product-line for ourselves is that they measure their products impact on how they work to keep us healthy. The DOTs work to make us healthier so our immune system can free up its resources to keep us well. The immune system is working overtime to overcome the EMF assault it must endure, so it has few resources that it can allocate to other conditions that attack the body [mold, Lyme disease, etc.]. Normally, it could handle and prevent those compromising conditions from becoming a health concern. By helping the body to become more balanced and oxygenated, DOTs free up the immune system to do the work it is designed to accomplish.

By measuring these changes within the body, the DOTs are shown to outperform products that merely block or shield EMF energies. Decreasing the RBC rouleaux, or sticking together, allows the red blood cells to deliver oxygen throughout the body. Less inflammation indicates that there is less damage (requiring less blood flow to repair the EMF impacted areas). These are healthier options for the users of electronics.

Man-made EMF and electrical energies create imbalances in the body's natural electrical communication systems. These products bring back balance and harmony to the body!

EMF Energy Fields Make Red Blood Cells Stick Together

Red blood cells (RBC) stick together in what is called a rouleaux formation. When red blood cells are stuck together they are no longer as free to flow through the arteries and capillaries to deliver oxygen throughout the body [creating oxygen deprivation = low oxygen].

RBC = Before DOTs and After DOTs Using Dark Field Microscopy

The body is much healthier when the vital-to-life oxygen its needs to thrive is delivered efficiently to each of the body's organs. More oxygen will make the body healthier.

View the study at:


Less Inflammation

Increased inflammation is an indication more damage is present. The before and after pictures here show significantly less inflammation.

        Before               After 21 days use

Less inflammation indicates less damage within the body, as the body sends blood to areas of injury to help facilitate the process of repair.

 View the study at (see page 33):


Strengthens the Body's Natural Biofield

Body's Biofield before and after photos show a much more coherent and solid field with fewer holes. The after using the DOTs for 2 days the body pictured is much more balanced and not so chaotic.

         Before                After 2 days use

View the study at (see Appendix B - page 21):


These products work synergistically to create significant alterations in the body by offsetting the imbalances caused by electrical interference from outside energy influences = EMF. We are naturally electrical beings and not compatible with having harnessed man-made electrical currents. These imbalances are wreaking havoc with our health.

These findings are what promoted us to purchase these products for ourselves.

How well they work is what made us offer them to others!

We offer our 12-years experience and the advantages of being an EMF Sensitive!