Our Mission

Our Mission Is Simple:
To help you become as healthy as possible!

The products we offer all help you to become as healthier, so your immune system's resources can be available to perform their many functions to keep you healthy and well.  With the plethora of new EMF products entering the marketplace, it is difficult to sort out the hype (sales pitch) from reality.

As such, we will use our research skills and personal experiences to:

      • offer only products that promote health,
      • always represent the best EMF product available,
      • never make claims beyond the scope of the product's functions, and
      • only offer what works best for us.

      The inventor of the Smart DOT product line is EMF sensitive, just like Elizabeth, and created these products to offset the EMF energies we are all being subjected to. Our manufacturer was and is on the forefront of transforming EMF energies to be more human-compatible. This product line was created using Higher Vibrational Energies to be used to offset man-made energies and balance the imbalances they cause with the body! 

       Personalized Product Testing

      As we test new products entering the marketplace, we have become convinced that the Smart DOTs inventor created the most effective products available. So far, every time we test one of these "new" products on Elizabeth, she reverts to where she was before we found this product line. Therefore, we get her back on the Smart DOT products ASAP so she can function out in the public sector again (with all the cell phones and cell service energies that are filling the airwaves).

      Unless, you are personally impacted by EMF energies, it is near impossible to determine what works from what does not. We have made it our mission to sort through the sale hype/promises and only represent the products that have worked best for us. In today's marketplace of grandiose sales and marketing concepts, we choose to be realistic and reasonable. However, we too are human and do not have all the answers - so we only share what has worked for us - so far. As we move forward, we will update the products offered. So, whether you set up a relationship with us now, or not - keep checking to see where we are on our journey - we will always be researching and exploring options to keep us healthy! 

      Always Do Your Own Research

      Always do your own research to look beyond the sales pitch. You and your family are worth the extra effort to get what will make a difference and keep everyone healthy in today's toxic environments. EMF is no less toxic than the many chemicals and conditions we have come to view as harmful.

      Marcus & Elizabeth