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Product information

Product Recommendations Guide - How to obtain the great benefits.

We offer practical EMF solutions we found after an exhaustive search and exploration of the EMF market. Being EMF sensitives give us a huge advantage when sorting through the sales hype to determine which products actually make a difference.

Listed are the products we recommend in order of importance to obtain the most benefit:

1.  Use Smart DOTs to cover as many electronic devices as affordable.

Determine how many are needed.  Cover the most powerful [Wi-Fi routers & boosters and all that connect to Wi-Fi!]

2.  Stater Packages - Cover yourself with 1 Wearable + Smart DOTs for 1 cell phone! 

Determine how many people need a wearable.

3.  20% Savings: After determining your needs, create a bundled package.

Keep in mind the Starter Packages contain Smart DOTs for 1 device.

4.  Use Smart DOT Cards to cover your Smart Meter and vehicle electronics.

For details, see menu: Prod Info/Research and Detailed Recommendations

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Drs. Marcus and Elizabeth Plourde
949 551-3397