Smart CARDs - For Smart Meters

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Smart CARDs - Laminated Smart DOTs

For Smart Meters, Vehicles, and Solar Inverters

Smart CARDs are Smart DOTs laminated to withstand extreme weather conditions to be used on outside on utility smart meters and solar DC to AC inverter units.  Utility smart meters can be installed on electric, water, and gas services, so it is recommended to use a Smart CARD on each. [Smart meters generally have a digital readout.]

Smart CARDs can also be used offset the electronics in vehicles.

In most areas, once a smart meter has been installed - reacquiring the old safe analog meter is not an option. Generally, the utility company will offer to install a less powerful electronic meter they can access in a drive-by manner from the street. It is less powerful, but still produces an electronic signal.

If the old analog meter is not used, we recommend Smart CARDs for either system.

Instructions: Find a location behind or inside the utility box in a secure location that will protect the Smart CARD from being lost or blown away [it does not have to be attached to the meter but placing within 2 feet is recommended].

For vehicles with excessive electronics, we recommend 3 Smart DOT Sets. First near the dashboard electronics and the other 3 either in the front door pocket panels or under front seats.