Product Usage Recommendations


We offer what works best for us!

These are our recommendations from our 12+ years of research, vast product testing, and personal experiences as EMF sensitives:

Do the recommendations within the environments you can control, and you will do better than those who ignore these toxic hazards.

1. Utilize Smart DOTs plus the personal wearable Body/Bio DOT to cover your cell phone and yourself. EMF creates imbalances within the body, and these changes bring it back into balance.

2. Add Smart DOTs to every device with a Wi-Fi connection (smartphones, computers, tablets, baby monitors, utility smart meters, Wi-Fi routers and boosters).

3. Use Grounding Computer Mats and Bedding to help your body repair and recuperate from the EMF assault it endures daily. 

4. Make your living and work environments are as safe as possible.

Reduce EMF and electrical exposures wherever as possible.
Add a Space PYRAMID or Space DOTs for additional coverage.

5. Make lifestyle changes that will keep you healthy.

Our book: EMF Freedom: Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution contain many environmental and lifestyle recommendations. It outlines the most common EMF symptoms and provides the biological reasons for their existence. So often, no one believes these symptoms are real - unfortunately, they are real and they are medically proven to be valid.