Smart DOTs - 5 to 20 Devices | Best EMF Products For 5G & Wireless Phones

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Package options: 5 Smart DOT Sets
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Product information

Smart DOTs for All Electronics

5 - 10 - 15 - 20 Device Package Options

Place Smart DOTs on each electronic device to transform the EMF energies to become more human-compatible.

We are electrical beings with a natural electrical field. Man-made electrical EMF energies interfere with the body's ability to remain healthy in today's energy-charged environments. They create imbalances within the body's energy systems. Smart DOTs and Body/Bio DOTs rebalance these energies.

Use Smart DOTs on:

Smart / cell phones / iPHONEs
Wi-Fi modems, routers, & boosters
Computers / Laptops
Security system components
Alexa / Echo / Sensor devices
Vehicle electronics
Microwave ovens
Cordless phones
iPADs / Tablets
Baby monitors
Smart TVs
All electronics
See the new laminated Smart Cards for:
Utility smart meters (electric / gas / water)
Solar panel inverters (converts DC to AC)
Vehicle electronics

Please note that Smart DOTs are to used in Sets on all devices = 1 Gold + 1 Silver/gray. They are programmed for specific energy fields and color coded accordingly, so they are not interchangeable. Place anywhere on device, inside case recommended to prevent loss.

Also, do not overlook the Body/Bio DOT personal wearable protection. They work synergically to provide the maximum benefits.

How has the effectiveness of energy dots been described by customers in reviews?

Customers have described the effectiveness of energy dots in their reviews as highly beneficial for mitigating the harmful effects of electronic devices' electromagnetic fields (EMF). They report various positive experiences, including reduced headaches from frequent device use, decreased anxiety, and an overall calmer disposition when using devices outfitted with energy dots. Some users specifically noted improved mental clarity, enhanced sleep quality, and even a decrease in phone dependency and dopamine addiction levels. These testimonials suggest that users value the addition of energy dots to their devices for both physical and mental health improvements.

What emotions and sensations have customers reported experiencing as a result of using the products, such as feeling calmer, more focused, and having reduced phone dependency?

Customers have reported a range of positive emotions and sensations from using these products. They have noticed an improvement in their ability to focus and a clearer state of mind. Additionally, users have experienced better sleep quality and a sensation of lightness. Importantly, they also observed a significant reduction in their dependency on phones and lower cravings related to dopamine.