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Product information

Austin Air Filters

Help the body work less to provide more oxygen by giving it cleaner air to utilize.

With wireless, electronics, and electrical devices - they all deprive the body of oxygen by causing red blood cells (RBC) to stick together. When they are stuck together they cannot flow freely throughout the body to deliver as much vital-to-life oxygen to it organs. The body's health deteriorates rapidly when it is deprived of oxygen.

A good air filter will help the body by helping it to free up resources that would have been allocated toward cleaning the air it breathes. Cleaner air requires less effort on the body to process and deliver oxygen to its organs.

Why We Use Austin Air Filters

We evaluated many different air filters and kept coming back to the Austin Air filter line as the best option. They are durable, moderately priced, and non-toxic [yes, non-toxic - see below for details].

Durable: We have had an Austin Air filter for 12-years with no problems. Both the unit and the filters have a 5-year warranty [filters last 5-years].

Moderately priced: wise it makes it possible to purchase more than one unit to have multiple filters throughout the areas where you spend your time [bedrooms, living and work spaces].

An air filter may be capable of cleaning a 2,400 square foot area, but in reality it needs to be one open area. Homes and work spaces are broken up with walls and doors, which impede the filter's ability to gather and clean the air flow from the other rooms. Therefore, we recommend purchasing multiple units to clean the air in the areas where you spend most of your time [bedroom most likely would be first priority, living / recreation areas, kitchen, etc.] We have 4 units throughout our home [bedroom, office, kitchen, and living room].

Non-toxic: Austin Air's products are American made using steel and a powder coat paint, which is baked on, so their products do not off gas!

Most of the other lines we looked at had plastic outer housings/casings and out gassed toxic VOC fumes when we opened the packages. It just does not make sense to offer any health product that out gases fumes into your living and working environments [filters should not have to clean their own air it emits from the plastics used in its construction].