Why These Products

Research and Personal Experience

In 2012, Elizabeth became EMF-sensitive when the electric utility smart meters were installed in our neighborhood. She began to itch and developed a rash from head-to-toe within weeks of the meters being installed. After seeing or consulting with 12 different doctors and healthcare professionals with no help, we were led to a biological building inspector. It was his assessment of our home and computer equipment that led us on a quest to seek solutions outside of the medical community.

Being medical researchers, we began searching for products to relieve her symptoms. After months of trying many EMF products, we found Body/Bio DOTs and Smart DOTs. Within 2 days of wearing the Body/Bio DOT, she could be around wireless technologies again. Within one week she was able to use the computer and cell phone again (using Smart DOTs). Since these products were the only ones that made a difference, we felt we had to share these advanced technologies and make them available for everyone's benefit.

We have been offering EMF products for 10+ years and selling them to doctors who resell them to their EMF-sensitive patients. Having attended many of the medical conferences held around the country, we have seen or experienced many of the competing products that are on the market. With the many, many experiences we have encountered, the Smart DOT product line works best for us. We hope others will benefit from our experiences.

Our commitment is that we will always represent the Best EMF Products available.



Elizabeth & Marcus