EMF Radiation Protection Products | 5G  Cell Phone Protection
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EMF Radiation Protection Products | 5G Cell Phone Protection

Dr. Plourde talks about EMF Freedom and some of the health challenges people may have using cell phones, Wi-Fi, computers, and having a smart meter (utility) on their house.

Learn what EMF does to your body level and how to protect yourself from EMF damage. You will learn about some of the laws in Europe about Cell Phones and Wi-Fi and why kids are not allowed to use cell phones and Wi-Fi in certain countries. 

Learn more about the SmartDOT and BioDOT and how it may help to mitigate the effects of EMF and Cell Phones.


It wasn't until I found these EMF products that I was able to return to being in public!  When they worked so well for me, after trying a drawer full of products that did not work,

I knew we had to make them available to others who need relief from the EMF assault.

Elizabeth Plourde, CLS, NCMP, Ph.D.
Medical Researcher and EMF Sensitive